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At the end of this school year I learned about an enriching opportunity in Brooklyn for teachers: Visionmaker NYC. Sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society, this program supports teachers with skills and technology to participate in the development of robust visual databases that will aid in the development of more sustainable designs for New York City. Students will input data and use maps to model the outcomes of potential changes, such as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In other words, this partnership aligns perfectly with the goals of my course.

Partnerships with outside organizations or community groups can be extremely rewarding. However, not all partnerships are created equal. I look for answer to three questions when I am evaluating a partnership opportunity:

  1. Does this group genuinely want to partner?
  2. Does this group have the time to invest in a partnership?
  3. Does this group have the skill set to contribute to a partnership?

Potential partners that are a "yes" for each question will work the best.

  Visionmaker NYC: Future directions for students' maps
  Learning Communities: Visionmaker NYC: Future directions for students' maps
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SKILL BUILDER: Making digital maps

Unit 3: Environmental justice
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Objective: Students will be able to 1) describe the argument presented by a map; 2) develop a map of the Sunset Park community using online mapping tools; and 3) develop a map as argument with visual evidence from a written claim.

Big Idea: Cloud-based digital mapping programs allow us to present seemingly limitless information about a place. How might we utilize digital mapping software tools to present impactful visual claims about our community?

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