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Most students only had time for practice with one passage in class; why, then, did I post three? Further practice. For those students who need or want further experience, the materials are there--they need only get on the website to access them. The number of students with the intrinsic motivation to do extra review is low, true, but I feel duty-bound to provide them with opportunities to do so. This is the same reason I spent time posting Advanced Placement preparation materials on the website.

I believe that teachers spend a lot of time trying to meet the needs of their struggling learners; personally, I break down assignments into manageable chunks, spend extra time working with these students in class, and spend extra time outside the school day on tutoring. This is all well and good, but it sometimes leads to ignoring the needs of another group of students--the high achievers.

High achievers often seek extra knowledge and practice; they feel frustrated when their opportunities are limited. In the past, I was too busy learning to teach and creating materials to remedy this, but now, I have the time and know-how to help my high achievers, too. So I do. Believe me, they appreciate it (and so do their parents).

  Why Three Passages?
  Intervention and Extension: Why Three Passages?
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Review Stations

Unit 5: Finding and Evaluating Claim and Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 16 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to determine and evaluate claim and evidence by practicing on review passages.

Big Idea: What's your weakest target? Review by station.

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English / Language Arts, claims, central ideas, evaluate, analyze, review, review stations, reflect
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