Reflection: Checks for Understanding Multiplying Decimals Algorithm - Section 3: Independent Practice


As I handed out the two types of worksheets, my students immediately noticed there was a difference.  Of course, they questioned why they received that particular worksheet.  I explained that I had two worksheet levels, beginner and intermediate.  I explained that the beginner worksheet was for those students who had shown some difficulty with decimals and that if they were able to complete 10 correctly, they could move on to the intermediate worksheet.  The students who received the intermediate worksheet were happy that they had shown an understanding of decimals and viewed their worksheet as a challenge.

Note:  My classroom culture is positive and respectful, so students didn't feel embarrassed if they received the lower level sheet and students weren't boastful with the higher level sheet.

  Two Different Worksheets
  Checks for Understanding: Two Different Worksheets
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Multiplying Decimals Algorithm

Unit 8: Algorithms and Decimal Operations
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT multiply decimals.

Big Idea: What happens to the decimal point when we multiply decimals?

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