Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Miniconference on Environmental Issues - Section 5: How Did the Meeting Go for You?


Throughout the activity when students are working together as a group, I will be walking around, listening in and taking note on effective group discussions. I offer suggestion and facilitate any issues that arise. But what is most useful in helping me determine whether or not students learned how to participate in a group discussion is if they can identify what went well for the group and for themselves. This is why I use a self-assessment tool at the end. I can also use it to compare individual student's self-assessment to the other students in the groups. One more useful way of using this tool is to check in with groups that show that they are still struggling with participating effectively and to use a successful group as a model group when I do a fishbowl activity again in the future.

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  Student Self-Assessment: Why did I choose Assessment?
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Miniconference on Environmental Issues

Unit 5: ELA Through Environmental Science
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT work as a team to create solutions to environmental problem with many stakeholders.

Big Idea: Students present and represent ideas from various groups of people affected by environmental policy while working together to find solutions that work for the groups.

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