Reflection: Student Ownership Climate Zones - Section 5: Wrap Up


Remaining Focused on Detail 

This wrap up activity took longer than anticipated.  I planned for about 20 minutes for this wrap up which ended up taking about 40 minutes stretched over 2 days.  I presented my page on the highland zone and took about 10 minutes just for my presentation.  I went slow as I modeled the expectations so that students would feel more comfortable about getting up in front of the class to present their information.  I also wanted it to be clear that I did not want groups coming up and reading every detail, I wanted them to pick out some of the important ones.  

As groups presented, the remaining students took notes.  This led to some interruptions.  Students that were taking notes were asking the group presenting what things on their sheet said because they couldn't read their writing.  Students were asking about things that the group had not even discussed which was not what I wanted the focus of this section to be.  

If I were to do this over, I would provide each group with a sticky note to put on the overhead with their notes page.  I would have them discuss their climate zone, and as they come across an important fact they would like copied down, they will add it to the sticky note.  I think this would help focus the discussion and eliminate some of the unnecessary questioning and delay in presentations.

As I already mentioned, this ended up stretching out over 2 days.  After I presented on the highlands, only one other group presented that day before time was up.  The remaining four groups presented the following day.  It was actually a good thing that there was break in this presentation of information because taking notes for 40 minutes straight is not effective.  Students lose interest quickly. Another option would be to use expert teaching groups and partner up one student from each group to share out that way. 

  Keeping Students Focused
  Student Ownership: Keeping Students Focused
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Climate Zones

Unit 7: Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT identify the various climate zones and characteristics of the weather patterns found in each.

Big Idea: Groups will be assigned one of the climate zones to teach the class about and present the information they find.

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