Reflection: Unit Exams Decimals Unit Exam - Section 2: Administering the Exam


Since this was completely a short answer exam, I was able to see common mistakes made by my students.

#1 - Students answered the first question "what is the greatest number of teams that can enter?" but did not determine the amount of boys and girls on each team.

#2 - Students didn't reverse the order when it states subtracted from.

#4 - Students didn't add the fractions correctly.

#6 - Students found the total cost of $32.60 a month for 8 months, but didn't add the $40 down.

#8 - Since there are many steps to dividing mixed numbers, some students performed one of these steps incorrectly.

#10 - Students misinterpreted the question and used the GCF.

 #14 - Students found the perimeter or incorrectly found the area of the rectangles they used.


I used these common mistakes and discussed them with the class after I handed back the exam.

  Common Mistakes
  Unit Exams: Common Mistakes
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Decimals Unit Exam

Unit 8: Algorithms and Decimal Operations
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of decimal operations.

Big Idea: Students solve word problems to assess their understanding of decimals.

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Math, Decimals, Algorithms
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