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Because  "Transformation Collaboration" task features a couple of different parts, I decided this year to try to create more clarity in my directions.  I photocopied each part of the task in a different color; I then posted these papers on the whiteboard so students could see each component of the task and know how they would be able to successfully complete them.  I write up key pieces of information, like "check in with the teacher after completing each task" or "pay attention to how use you color." 

It was especially important to me that my students checked in with me after the second part of the task.  I wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to assess their understanding through my questioning and to offer them more opportunities to think deeply about transformations through some extension work.

  Creating Clarity in Directions
  Classroom Setup: Creating Clarity in Directions
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Transformation Collaboration: Group Assessment

Unit 3: Transformations
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Objective: Students will be able to apply the characteristics of translation, reflection, and rotation and make connections between the coordinates, graphs, written descriptions, and ordered pair rules of figures that have been transformed.

Big Idea: Students work together on a collaborative task to increase their fluency with mathematical transformations.

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