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In launching this lesson in the past, students sometimes did something really interesting: they would hold the slip of paper up to the light so they could easily read the backwards-printed definition of "reflection."  This year, I noticed several students holding the slip of paper up to the screen of their cell phone, essentially using their phone's screen as a mirror to reflect the backwards printing.

These instances are worth pointing out because they show students thinking strategically and using a variety of resources to make sense of their work.  My students intuitively found clever ways to  solve their problem, which is interesting and worth noting.  However, the reason I bring up these instances is this: as my understanding of transformations continues to deepen, so does my ability to recognize moments to push students further in their conceptual understanding.  I now see that when students held the piece of paper up to the light, they hadn't just found a shortcut; they were demonstrating their understanding that the paper itself served as a line of reflection for the pre-image (the backwards printed definition) and its image (the definition students could now easily read).  Similarly, when students held the piece of paper against their cell phone screen, they were showing that they saw the screen as a line of reflection.  By highlighting these strategies for the whole class, I was able to help my students see connections between their intuition and the concept of reflection.

  Encouraging Resourcefulness
  Positive Reinforcement: Encouraging Resourcefulness
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Transformations Overview: Focus on Reflections

Unit 3: Transformations
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Objective: Students will be able to discover and apply the characteristics of reflection and explain (using words and symbols) the position and orientation of 2-D shapes after transforming them.

Big Idea: Remind students of the meaning of transformation and motivate students to learn more about rigid motions in the plane.

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