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I received a lot of positive feedback about the first semester’s final exam; essentially, students said they appreciated working on the harder part of the final (the “Applications/Extension” section) before taking on the more basic level questions (the “Foundations” part) because they started preparing earlier and were able to learn from their feedback for the next part of the exam. 

Despite the fact that the “harder” part of the exam came first, students seemed to feel comfortable to take intellectual risks.  They communicated their ideas and, because I quickly turned the exams back to students, received feedback that would help them understand their strengths and weaknesses so they could target their studying for the remainder of the final exam.


  Continuous Improvement--Learning from Assessments
  High Expectations: Continuous Improvement--Learning from Assessments
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Final Exam Part 1: Open Response

Unit 13: Final Exam Review
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate what they know and understand about foundational geometry ideas, constructions, and proof, on the open response portion of the final exam.

Big Idea: In this part of the exam, students have the opportunity to show what they know and to explain their thinking and reasoning about some of the most important ideas from the entire year.

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