Reflection: Gradual Release Angles Inscribed in Circles - Section 5: Proving Case 3 of the Inscribed Angle Theorem


Proofs can really be a disaster if I hand the reins over to my students before they've had a chance to build up their efficacy. That said, it's hard to find enough important and similar proofs that would allow me to model one, do guided practice for another, and then require students to complete a third on their own. This lesson, with 3 cases, and 3 similar proofs of those cases, turned out to be a perfect lesson to do gradual release of control. By the time we got to proof 3, it appeared to be a perfect balance in which students felt they had been prepared to write a proof of this magnitude and at the same time they felt like they were having to think and use their intuition. In other words, they felt like they were actually doing a proof, not just mimicking one.

  Gradually releasing proof-writing responsibility to students
  Gradual Release: Gradually releasing proof-writing responsibility to students
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Angles Inscribed in Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT Prove the relationship between the measure of an angle inscribed in a circle and the measure of its intercepted arc.

Big Idea: Inscribed angles prove not to be half bad...and students prove that they are half the measure of their intercepted arcs.

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Math, Geometry, circles
  69 minutes
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