Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Miniconference on Environmental Issues - Section 3: Watching a Fishbowl


Often times I teach student through some sort of think-aloud but watching other students do the work that I am eventually going to expect them to be able to do is more valuable. Students have just finished a recall activity to center them into what they should be looking for and they are also making connection to what they experienced. Watching other students also helps them address issues without having to find faults in themselves. The students in the inside of the circle also get a chance to be reflective because they know they are "performing" and therefore they are doing their best to create an effective group discussion. Although, it would be nice to have a model group be the one that is observed, having a novice group could also work because then there are things for students to find that are good and that could be better in creating an effective group discussion.

  Watching it in Action
  Problem-based Approaches: Watching it in Action
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Miniconference on Environmental Issues

Unit 5: ELA Through Environmental Science
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT work as a team to create solutions to environmental problem with many stakeholders.

Big Idea: Students present and represent ideas from various groups of people affected by environmental policy while working together to find solutions that work for the groups.

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