Reflection: Organizational Systems Simple Machines Inventions - Section 1: Introduction


Getting ready for this lesson was a bit time consuming and tedious for me.  I felt pressured to make sure that students were going to have enough things in their buckets that they were going to be able to come up with a product.

Since I had never taught something like this before, I did not know what to expect.  There ended up being a great many things that students asked for after they had begun working.  They wanted to know if they could use things that were not in the bucket. 

I found myself gathering other items for them as they worked.  Tape was one thing that I did not think of.  And especially, duct tape.  It did not even cross my mind that kindergarten students would ask for that.

Keep in mind that if a student is thinking through something enough that they are asking for other materials they are really putting a lot of thought in to it.  I was more than willing to give them other supplies.

  Organizational Systems: Preparation
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Simple Machines Inventions

Unit 5: Simple Machines
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students plan and design a new tool or machine that can accomplish a job or make a work easier using only the supplies provided to them.

Big Idea: Students will solve real world problems by thinking and acting like engineers!

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Science, Science Skills, engineering, inquiry, machines, physics
  70 minutes
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