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The California water delta is a rich resource for this course because it allows students to understand environmental science concepts through study of real-world events occurring right now. Student might understand the concept of a stakeholder and they might be able to conduct hypothetical analyses of proposed solutions to the problems posed by the California delta. However, this understanding may not ever extend beyond the theoretical if it is not connected to actual current events. By pushing students to understand and apply concepts through exploration of actual documents, ongoing debates, and undetermined outcomes, this CASE study attempts to make real the need for environmental justice, engineering design thinking, and mapping. They are tools and frameworks that change the world. For students to study how this change happens in real time is an amazing opportunity.

  Current events as resources
  Real World Applications: Current events as resources
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CASE STUDY: California's delta (3 of 3)

Unit 3: Environmental justice
Lesson 12 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to 1)evaluate a proposed plan to address California's water crisis and 2) develop an argument about how maps can be tools of environmental justice or injustice depending on the information they contain.

Big Idea: Scientists use geographic information systems to develop maps of important features of physical geography. How might we use the California delta as a case study of how maps can be arguments for stakeholders’ ideas about how to use the environment?

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