Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Compare and Contrast Tall Tales - Section 3: Poetry Reading


It became clear as we were reading that many of my students could not connect to the places and ideas that were used in the poem. The children's version has more places that might be unknown. To help them learn about their won schema we talked about what they know related to the poem because of where they live and how they grew up. We then talked about what pieces were unknown to us but who might know about these places based on where they live.

This activity was very rewarding and it just happened while we were working through the poem. We have talked about schema and prior knowledge when we discussed before reading strategies. This teachable moment really helped them understand how schema is unique to them. I think it will also help them when we begin point of view in the coming weeks.

  Helping with Prior Knowledge
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Helping with Prior Knowledge
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Compare and Contrast Tall Tales

Unit 8: Comprehension Lessons
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Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast two tall tales using a Venn Diagram and the state

Big Idea: What better way to compare and contrast information from different literary sources than through tall tales. Many tall tales can be found in story and poem form.

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