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Encouraging Creativity 

By being less explicit in the directions and guidelines for the pie graph, I am allowing students to be more creative.  This is especially beneficial for higher level students.  These students are often able to think "outside the box" and come up with creative responses/products.  The more specific you are in directions, the more similar the results will be.  

Although the majority of the groups did come up with the same graphical representation (97% saltwater and 3% freshwater), there were a couple of groups that did something different.  Having differences in graphs allows for more discussion and allows for me to cover content I may not have otherwise brought into the lesson.  In this case, one group included that 2 out of 3 percent of the freshwater on Earth is frozen water.  This allowed for me to bring in information about the importance of conserving water because even though 71% of the Earth is water, only 1% is usable by us.  

Encouraging students to be creative with their end products allows them to come up with their own ideas, some that even I may not have considered.  For example, one group created a pie graph showing 29% of Earth is land, 68% of Earth is covered by saltwater, and 3% is covered by freshwater.  This is something that I had not even considered being one of the end products but it was nice to see them come up with some different than other groups had.   

  Encouraging Creativity
  Student Ownership: Encouraging Creativity
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Hydrosphere: Water on Earth

Unit 7: Earth's Systems
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT graph the amount of water available on Earth.

Big Idea: Students will research how much water is available on Earth in various reservoirs and graph the quantities.

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