Reflection: Student Grouping Distributive Property Using the GCF - Section 3: Independent Practice


When I teach a concept that has multiple strategies or manipulatives that can be used, I like grouping students heterogeneously.  I use various assessments such as quizzes, exit tickets, and observations. I've observed that heterogeneous grouping promotes discussion where students are learning from one another.  Students can compare strategies to verify that they've arrived at the same answer.

Before students begin with group work, I remind them that the students in their group may be at a different level or may have a different learning style, but they can benefit from helping each other. My higher level students aren't always appreciative of their grouping and like to work independently.  My response to this is to explain that they can deepen their understanding of a concept if they are able to explain it to someone else. They see this as a challenge and are motivated to help their classmates.

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Distributive Property Using the GCF

Unit 4: Factors and Multiples
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT factor out the GCF

Big Idea: Students will relate area of rectangles to the distributive property.

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