Reflection: Intervention and Extension Is It a Home Run? - Section 2: Investigation


As students will be working in homogenous groups, I let some of the groups really wrestle with the problem without much guidance and will to provide more scaffolding to some of the groups I know will have trouble accessing the problem. I sometimes provide a problem solving guide (see Resources section) to groups I know will really struggle.

I encourage all groups to start the problem by drawing a sketch of the situation.  I may let some (or all) of the groups know that they will have to do some math with the information in the first paragraph before they move on to the second paragraph. This hint may help them from feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of the information in the problem.

  Intervention and Extension: Differentiation
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Is It a Home Run?

Unit 4: Quadratics!
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Objective: Students will be able to apply what they have learned about the graphical effects of the parameters in vertex form and their understanding of x-intercepts.

Big Idea: Students apply what they have been learning about vertex form and x-intercepts to solve a fun, real world problem.

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Math, Algebra, quadratic models, quadratic functions, 9th grade, 10th grade
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