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I really appreciate how this task builds in complexity for students. First, they use prior knowledge about sequences and exponential growth to learn about and calculate compound interest. Then they learn the "official" formula for exponential growth and take a look at decay.  Rather than just show a formula for decay also, the task asks them to think about the similarities and differences between growth and decay and asks students to generate their own decay formula.  I think this a nice balance of cognitive demand and academic rigor and I think it helps students see and understand the structure behind exponential growth and decay formulas.

  Building on prior knowledge
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Building on prior knowledge
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Exponential Growth and Decay

Unit 7: Functions
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT see the structure of the standard formula for exponential growth. SWBAT write their own formula for exponential decay.

Big Idea: I can earn interest on my interest? Students explore compound interest in relationship to exponential growth. They also look at depreciation and develop a formula for exponential decay.

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