Reflection: Checks for Understanding Linear and Exponential Functions Project - Section 2: Investigation


I like to use these poster projects as a way to check in about student understanding. Because students work so much in groups in my class, I need to have them work individually from time to time to be sure about their understanding of the content.  I like this mini project because it allows students to work with material they are familiar with but asks them to take the material one step further.

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  Checks for Understanding: Assessment Project
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Linear and Exponential Functions Project

Unit 7: Functions
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast linear and exponential functions. SWBAT identify rates of change. SWBAT represent functions using multiple representations.

Big Idea: Show what you know. Students work on a poster project to show patterns of change in linear and exponential functions.

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Math, Algebra, linear functions, rates of change, Algebra 1, exponential function, change factors, function
  60 minutes
functions project
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