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Students often have a lot of misconceptions or confusion around the difference between an equation and a function.  This is a concept that is included in the common core standards and I want students to be clear about some of the differences.  I might ask them what they think those differences are, how they can be the same and different and then show them this video, which does a good job of making distinctions and showing where functions and equations overlap.

  The difference between functions and equations
  Staircase of Complexity: The difference between functions and equations
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A Re- Introduction to Functions

Unit 7: Functions
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Objective: SWBAT use tables as one representation of a function. SWBAT understand and use the terms input and output and correlate them to the domain and range of a function. SWBAT give verbal statements of rules.

Big Idea: What's happening inside that machine? Students revisit the idea of a "function machine" as a metaphor in order to begin to understand the concept of functions and how they work.

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