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In many of my units I use portfolios at the end of the unit to allow students the opportunity to show what they know. Because this unit is short and doesn't necessarily have a theme or a central unit problem, I think it lends itself better to quick end of unit assessment.  The assessment could easily be modified to be more challenging for advanced students to perhaps made open note for students who really struggle with this content.  The key idea is to determine away for us as teachers to be clear about what the student has learned.  There are a variety of ways to collect that information and tests and quizzes are just one possible method.

  When to use different kind of assessment?
  Checks for Understanding: When to use different kind of assessment?
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Sequences Assessment

Unit 6: Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write recursive and explicit formulas from a table for arithmetic and geometric sequences.

Big Idea: Show what you know! Students complete an assessment for arithmetic and geometric sequences.

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Math, Algebra, arithmetic sequences, Algebra 1, geometric sequence, sequences
  60 minutes
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