Reflection: Lesson Planning Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences: Putting It All Together - Section 2: Investigation


One of the things that I like about this lesson is that it forces students to work with some of the representations they might not be comfortable with. It would be easy to have students work in groups and let them decide how to divide up the work, but certain students will always avoid certain parts of the task. One of the things I like about this lesson set up is that the representations rotate between the students and they have to grapple with the more difficult representations like the explicit equations.

  Encouraging students to work with multiple representations
  Lesson Planning: Encouraging students to work with multiple representations
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Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences: Putting It All Together

Unit 6: Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT fluently use a variety of representations for arithmetic and geometric sequences. SWBAT to write recursive and explicit equations, construct graphs and tables, and identify common differences and common ratios.

Big Idea: Putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Students work in small groups to show what they have learned about geometric and arithmetic sequences.

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Math, Algebra, geometric sequence, arithmetic sequences, sequences
  60 minutes
putting it all together
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