Reflection: Real World Applications Are Women Paid Less Than Men? - Section 1: Opening


There is also a lot of opportunity in this lesson to talk about relating math to current social issues.  I might begin class with a recent article about men making more money than women or a short video or news clip.  I find this generates a lot of interest among students and we might have a brief discussion about factors that might contribute to this gender gap in earnings.

  Connecting math to social issues
  Real World Applications: Connecting math to social issues
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Are Women Paid Less Than Men?

Unit 5: Data and Statistics
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT compare estimated lines of best fit with calculated linear regression lines. SWBAT understand the meaning of a correlation coefficient.

Big Idea: Students use real data from the U.S. census to understand linear regression and correlation coefficients.

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Math, Line of Best Fit, Linear Regression, Correlation Coefficient, scatter, scatter plot
  60 minutes
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