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I like this task as students can really connect with the idea of sending a large number of texts and perhaps disagreeing with an adult about how many texts are appropriate.  It never ceases to amaze me how many texts my students say they send per day. I think there is a good opportunity here for some cross curricular work about the role of technology in teens lives.  It would be easy to incorporate some statistics about time spent on social media or video games here and perhaps a discussion about some of the positives and negatives of those platforms.

  Kids text a lot!
  Real World Applications: Kids text a lot!
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Sending Text Messages

Unit 5: Data and Statistics
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Objective: SWBAT interpret data using a histogram. SWBAT represent data using a box plot. SWBAT identify similarities and differences of these representations.

Big Idea: How many texts are too many? Students analyze histograms and box plots to understand the texting habits of teenagers and their parents.

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