Reflection: Students with Disabilities Take Care of Your Body First: Revising the body paragraphs of an explanatory essay - Section 2: Building Knowledge


At this point in the lesson the students were hypnotized by the screen. Some were taking copious notes, and others seemed to be in a trance. For the students in a trance, insert gentle nudge here--"You might want to copy this screen so that when you go home to do more revisions, you will have it." I even allowed some students to take a picture of the screen with their phones. Nope...cell phones aren't allowed to be out in class, but this was a special occasion.

I teach a couple of inclusion classes that have students with special needs. For the students that needed it, I printed out this outline and had them check off each part as they noticed it in their essays. In hindsight, I think most of my students would have benefited from this.

  Students with Disabilities: Hypnotism
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Take Care of Your Body First: Revising the body paragraphs of an explanatory essay

Unit 4: The Search for Identity: Essay Writing
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT revise the body paragraphs in their essay in order to improve the organization of an explanatory essay on "The Voice" by observing a model of an outline and by conducting a peer review based on the rubric.

Big Idea: Students work their bodies--of their essays, that is--by revising their body paragraphs and adding additional details to their work.

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