Reflection: Relevance Speeding Data: Creating and Comparing Box Plots - Section 1: Introduction


When I taught this lesson this year, I was surprised at how excited students were about the opening activity. They had lots of ideas about speeding tickets and I think this was a great hook to get them thinking about today's task. It reminded me that there is so much good data out there that is relevant to students and as teachers we should try to include interesting data as much as possible.

  Using real world data
  Relevance: Using real world data
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Speeding Data: Creating and Comparing Box Plots

Unit 5: Data and Statistics
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT construct box plots, label key features of box plots, and compare distributions.

Big Idea: Which side of the highway is faster? Students compare the speeds of northbound and southbound cars.

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