Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Quadratics Portfolio Day 3 of 3 - Section 2: Investigation


I am always interested to read students reflections at the end of their portfolio projects. I find them to be very honest and clear about where they struggled in the unit. They often are able to be reflective about the effort, or lack in effort, that they put into the class. Students are also skilled at knowing exactly which content they have mastered and what they are still confused about. I think it's a positive experience for them to think back over the unit and perhaps plan for what they'd like to do differently moving forward.

  Looking at student reflections
  Student Self-Assessment: Looking at student reflections
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Quadratics Portfolio Day 3 of 3

Unit 4: Quadratics!
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT explain key concepts and ideas from the Quadratics unit while reflecting on their own learning.

Big Idea: In this end of the unit alternative assessment, students create portfolios to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and show their progress as math students.

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