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Guidelines for Project 

My original thoughts for this lesson were to have two groups assigned to create 2-dimensional models and the other 2 groups assigned to create 3-dimensional models.   I thought this would help ensure there was a variety of models.  However, the more I thought about the lesson goal I decided I did not want to limit their creativity.  I was concerned that if I assigned the type of model to do, the group assigned to do a 2-dimensional model may have a great idea for a 3-dimensional model and would not be able to do it.  The students often come up with things that I would have never even considered doing so I wanted to give them that opportunity.  By giving them the freedom to choose, I ended up with 4 illustrations.  I will require all 3 dimensional or assign 2 of each as I originally planned when I do this lesson in the future. 

The 4 illustrations completed bu the groups were neat and well organized, but they all lacked originality.  I gave groups laptops to research their assigned task but they ended up copying what I had already included in the lesson, or finding another website and copying it.  If I were to do this lesson over, I would clarify that they cannot copy from another model they see when researching. In order to use a model they see when researching, they will need to change it in some way to make it their own. 

I think making these two changes will help the quality, creativity, and uniqueness of the projects I get. 

  Guidelines for Project
  Adjustments to Practice: Guidelines for Project
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Key Influences on Climate

Unit 7: Earth's Systems
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT describe how latitude, elevation, closeness to bodies of water, and terrain influence the climate in surrounding areas.

Big Idea: Students will create a model to demonstrate one of the factors that influences climate.

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