Reflection: Real World Applications Introduction to Inequalities: Working with Constraints - Section 2: Investigation


I really appreciate how this task lets students get their hands dirty here and just play around with the math without trying to lead them somewhere. I think this exploration of constraints is a really powerful way to get students to start thinking about systems of inequalities without introducing any formal language or procedures.  I find this approach really helps to build conceptual understanding. This problem is also accessible to most students to jump right in and start exploring and can be scaled back easily for students who may struggle with the quantity of information.

  Muddling in the math
  Real World Applications: Muddling in the math
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Introduction to Inequalities: Working with Constraints

Unit 3: Systems of Equations and Inequalities
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Objective: SWBAT explore the idea of constraints in the context of a real world problem. SWBAT to examine combinations that work and don't work for a business model.

Big Idea: Before learning about systems of inequalities and equations, students jump in to a real world business problem and explore what it's like to work within certain constraints.

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