Reflection: Real World Applications Context Problem Practice - Section 1: Warm-Up: The Isosceles Triangle Dresser and Me


Bringing in an actual real-life situation reminded me of the importance of doing math in a real world context.  Since my students know I’m a nerd, it was easy for me to show them a picture of an object like an isosceles triangle-shaped dresser and to tell them that my instant reaction to the dresser was to think about whether the dresser was taller than me or whether I was taller than the dresser.  What a nerd question.

Seeing students’ reaction to the picture reminded me of the power of a picture.  Dan Meyer often says that a photo can make people wonder about a question—this was an idea I witnessed in this lesson.  By showing a picture of a dresser roughly the same height as me, I was able to expose students to the notion of how to mathematize the world around us.  The simple wondering of “which is taller, the dresser or Ms. Uy?” intrigued my students because they actually wanted to know the answer and knew they could find it with math.  

  Math is Everywhere
  Real World Applications: Math is Everywhere
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Context Problem Practice

Unit 12: Triangle Similarity and Trigonometric Ratios
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to persevere in solving real-world trigonometry problems.

Big Idea: In a differentiated activity, Think Dots, students will be able to choose how they work while moving around the classroom.

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Math, Geometry, Trigonometry, problem solving, trigononometry
  90 minutes
the isosceles triangle dresser and
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