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I think students can really relate to the context of this problem.  Many of them spend a lot of time about how much battery they have left on their phone. This got me thinking about a possible extension activity where students somehow keep track of their waning phone battery, collect some data about it, and then write their own math problem.  This could possibly be an outside of class project or an extension activity for more advanced students.  They could also explore whether their battery decreases in a linear way or perhaps compare it to other kinds of functions in a later lesson.

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  Intervention and Extension: Opportunity for extension
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Battery Life

Unit 2: Multiple Representations: Situations, Tables, Graphs, and Equations
Lesson 9 of 17

Objective: SWBAT develop awareness of the connection between rate and starting point and a linear function. SWBAT to make predictions and estimates based on limited data.

Big Idea: Will the digital devices run out of charge on the way to school? Students reason and make predictions based on a graph and compare the charge of a cell phone and a video game player.

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