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I find this task lends itself really well to discussion that generates a lot of productive math talk. There is a lot of opportunity here for students to share out their thinking and as the facilitator of the discussion, I'll be asking students to repeat and rephrase what they have heard their classmates say. I think there is a good opportunity here for students to build on each other's understanding. Some will have worked forward and others backward and it would be powerful to see students understanding both methods and connecting them to the equations.

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  Complex Tasks: Tasks for rich discussions
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Post-It Note Equations

Unit 1: Introduction to Algebra: Focus on Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT work with multi-step equations. SWBAT keep equations in balance. SWBAT change operations and explore how the order changes the equation.

Big Idea: Students arrange and rearrange post it notes to explore the structure of multi-step equations.

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