Reflection: Rules and Consequences Generating Student Discourse - Section 1: Introduction


This year, one of my goals about student discussions is to get students to hold each other accountable. I am planning on adding a section to this discussion about what happens when we break the norms. I plan to ask students what they think the consequence should be if someone puts down someone else's idea for example, or criticizes the person, rather than his/her work. I am interested to see what students come up.  My hope is that students will better monitor each other and I won't have to be the only one keeping students focused on accountable math talk.

  What happens if we break a norm?
  Rules and Consequences: What happens if we break a norm?
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Generating Student Discourse

Unit 1: Introduction to Algebra: Focus on Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT understand class goals about productive math discussion. SWBAT generate classroom norms for discussion. SWBAT begin to voice their reasoning about a math riddle.

Big Idea: Students generate classroom norms and then practice them in a discussion about a math riddle.

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