Reflection: Routines and Procedures How Does This Math Class Work? Creating a Positive Classroom Climate - Section 2: Organizing Our Work


Many of my students struggle with organizing their work. I try to really get them in the habit of keeping all of their math work organized in their binders. This takes some prioritizing of class time on my part.  I find that students who struggle with organization are helped immensely by the routine of getting their binders from the shelf and keeping their work in order.  Homework goes home in a separate folder.  Work that is not homework should not go home!  There is too much of a chance for work to be lost.  I emphasize with students the need to keep all of their work so they can use it for their portfolio later in the unit.

  Supporting Students with Organization
  Routines and Procedures: Supporting Students with Organization
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How Does This Math Class Work? Creating a Positive Classroom Climate

Unit 1: Introduction to Algebra: Focus on Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT reflect on and share previous math experiences. SWBAT identify key classroom procedures.

Big Idea: Students help create a positive learning environment with a focus on respecting each other's ideas, working in flexible groups, and focusing on the math!

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