Reflection: High Expectations Similarity Problem Solving and Proofs - Section 3: Classwork: Solve and Prove Similar Polygons


Before students would begin working on solving and proving similar polygons, I wanted to alert them of how I wanted them to work.  I displayed for the following information:

As math thinkers, students would need to attend to precision, support conclusions with multiple methods, and track strategies for sense making.   As math learners, they would need to be present and engaged, make connections to old ideas, and be willing to express confusion and persist through it.

By projecting my expectations, I explicitly encouraged students to marry their mathematical practices to their habits of mind and, as a result, led to greater willingness to engage with challenging problems.  As students worked in groups, I was pleased to notice an increased amount of respectful disagreement about solving methods and solutions. 

  How to Be Successful as Math Thinkers and Learners
  High Expectations: How to Be Successful as Math Thinkers and Learners
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Similarity Problem Solving and Proofs

Unit 12: Triangle Similarity and Trigonometric Ratios
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to apply the definition of similarity to determine whether polygons, triangles in particular, are similar and solve for sides and angles when possible.

Big Idea: Students will deepen their understanding of triangle similarity by solving similarity problems and writing proofs.

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