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In looking at students’ work on this assessment, I really found #4 and #5 to be interesting.  In problem 4, students had to use the Pythagorean Theorem twice to find the length of a diagonal of a rectangular prism—this problem was profoundly revealing of students’ sense making about how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem. In a novel context.  (Note: I had not asked students to apply this idea in space before.)

Additionally, problem 5 showed students’ facility with applying the Distance Formula to justify whether a triangle is isosceles.  It was gratifying to see many students use multiple representations to strategically make sense of the problem.  By graphing the triangle, many students were able to apply the Distance Formula twice (instead of three times) to show the triangle was indeed isosceles.  This kind of work revealed how students were able to make connections between the graphical and algebraic representations.

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Pythagorean Theorem Unit Assessment

Unit 11: The Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to show their understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem and its applications by solving problems differentiated by level.

Big Idea: In this unit assessment, students will work through leveled problems that will allow them to demonstrate varying levels of mastery.

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