Reflection: High Expectations Midterm Part 2 - Section 1: Midterm Exam


I was glad that I incorporated this constructions problem on the semester’s unit exam because it allowed students several different ways to successfully solve the problem.  Because the problem presents itself in an open way, students are not limited to any one particular construction method.  In fact, while many students decided to construct an equilateral triangle and duplicate it along a shared side to create the 120° vertex angle, several others bisected one of the angles of an equilateral triangle to construct the base angles of the isosceles triangle first.  A surprising construction came from students constructing the supplement to one of the angles of an equilateral triangle to form the 120° vertex angle—this was one of the most elegant and simple constructions.            

  Problem Solving Through Constructions
  High Expectations: Problem Solving Through Constructions
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Midterm Part 2

Unit 6: Midterm Exam Review
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate what they know and understand about foundational geometry ideas, constructions, and proof, on the free response portion of the midterm exam.

Big Idea: In this part of the exam, students have the opportunity to show what they know and to explain their thinking and reasoning about some of the most important ideas from the first semester.

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