Reflection: High Quality Task Midterm Part 2 - Section 1: Midterm Exam


Because I want students to have as many opportunities to learn as possible, I decided that I wanted to flip the order in which I would give the two parts of the semester final exam.  In the past, I gave the multiple choice/true or false part of the exam first (the “easier” part of the test), then followed that with the open response part of the test on a later date.  


This year I decided to have students work on the “harder” (open response) part first.  As a result, students seemed to take their studying more seriously, starting their preparation earlier than usual and coming in with great questions.  Additionally, because I returned the tests during the next class, students received immediate feedback on their work, which was still fresh in their minds.  My students were able to look over their work, consider the feedback I had given them, ask questions during class, and focus their studying more effectively.  I am happy with my decision to give the final exam in this order because it provided greater learning opportunities for my students.

  Giving Students Opportunities to Continue to Learn, Even On the Final Exam
  High Quality Task: Giving Students Opportunities to Continue to Learn, Even On the Final Exam
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Midterm Part 2

Unit 6: Midterm Exam Review
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate what they know and understand about foundational geometry ideas, constructions, and proof, on the free response portion of the midterm exam.

Big Idea: In this part of the exam, students have the opportunity to show what they know and to explain their thinking and reasoning about some of the most important ideas from the first semester.

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