Reflection: Student Ownership Review of Properties of Math - Section 2: Mini Lesson


My students love foldables because it's an opportunity to be creative.  They love anything that feels like an art project, so the simplicity of folding and cutting paper and the use of markers excites them.  It's important to remind them of the purpose of the foldable.  This foldable was meant to be used as a study guide so students were told to include the information that they felt would be important and useful when studying for an exam.

Here is an example of a student's completed foldable.  Outside of the foldable: Student Example  Inside of the foldable:  Student Example1

  Student Ownership: Creating the Foldables
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Review of Properties of Math

Unit 2: Properties of Math
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT review the 7 properties of math.

Big Idea: Students will create a properties foldable as a study tool.

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