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Incorporating Geography into Science

In this lesson, I incorporate maps as part of students’ inquiry on saltwater and freshwater. I provide them atlas' and ask them to locate examples of each kind. I give them this task because I want them to recognize that Earth has many examples of freshwaters and fewer examples of salt waters, but that amount of saltwater on Earth is much greater than freshwater. It's a chance for them to visually distinguish between bodies of waters and find their relationships with Earth's hydrosphere system. Having them use maps for this task helps them make this connection and develop an understanding and awareness about the kinds of waters on Earth. 

Maps are an effective way of helping students develop an awareness of places and things on Earth. It is important for them to recognize that maps provide relevant information about Earth’s features including land, water, and distributions. 

  Incorporating Geography into Science
  Real World Applications: Incorporating Geography into Science
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How Does Saltwater Differ From Freshwater?

Unit 7: Water On Earth
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Objective: SWBAT distinguish between saltwater and freshwater.

Big Idea: Students will investigate how saltwater's density differs from freshwater.

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