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In my experience students are more likely to remember a topic or skill if they can relate to it.  After sharing the hook, my students had questions.  For example, "What happened when Jennifer and Elisabeth were together?" and "What kind of kid were you?"  Although these questions were off topic of math, they garnered a lot of enthusiasm.  Students wanted to share their own stories.  I used this opportunity to embed the word "friends" as a synonym for "associates".  Before students shared their story, I asked them, "Who are your associates?"  It seems very simple, but it reinforced my story and helped students remember the property.

The Hook used more time than I had originally allotted, but it was worth the connection and excitement for the lesson.

  Students' Stories
  Student Ownership: Students' Stories
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Commutative and Associative Properties

Unit 2: Properties of Math
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT distinguish between the commutative and associative properties of math.

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