Reflection: Checks for Understanding 6th Grade Pretest - Section 3: How to Use the Pre-Test


Being that it's still early in the school year, the thought of any type of test was very intimidating for students.  They automatically felt the pressure of performing well on their first test.  I thought it was important for them to understand the reason for the test and how it would be used.  I explained to students that we'd be covering numerous topics during the year and there was a possibility that they may already have some knowledge regarding those topics.  Also, I shared that the test would be used to help me figure out the best way to teach them.  I emphasized that they should try their best, but that it wouldn't count as part of their grade.  

  Students' Response to Pre-Test
  Checks for Understanding: Students' Response to Pre-Test
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6th Grade Pretest

Unit 1: First Week of School
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT assess their prior knowledge of 6th grade topics.

Big Idea: Students will take a 6th grade math pretest.

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