Reflection: Organizational Systems Using Protists as a Model of Succession (Part 2/3) - Section 5: Putting It All Together: Creating a Foldable


Foldables are excellent ways to organize information in an interactive way. This is a great strategy for high school teachers because students are already familiar with this method so little instruction is required concerning how to construct or use them. It is a simple method to help students organize their thoughts and get a summary of the big picture. Since they are interactive, they can be an inexpensive hands-on manipulative and a great study tool. Typically, I have students glue their foldables into their lab notebook. For those that are not familiar with foldables, you can learn more at Dinah Zike's website.  While this is a commercial site, Zike also has many free resources that can spark your creativity. You can also gain more ideas at Zike's Notebooking Central Blog.

  Using Foldables to Organize Content
  Organizational Systems: Using Foldables to Organize Content
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Using Protists as a Model of Succession (Part 2/3)

Unit 4: Protists
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: Students will explain how succession occurs in an ecosystem by noting the changes in a hay infusion over a period of time.

Big Idea: By using protists as model organisms, we can shorten period of time succession occurs so we can observe changes in an ecosystem.

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Ecology, Science, Developing and Using Models, stability and change, Protists, Ecosystem Dynamics
  46 minutes
bdelloid rotifer
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