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The skits were great!  My students really discussed what their skit would look like, what roles they would play, and some wrote a script.  They loved the opportunity to be expressive and play around. They acted out a student being bullied by a peer, with another student coming to his defense.  

Not only did the skits, serve as a reminder for students about positive and negative behavior, but also I was able to see who were my more outgoing students that took a leadership role and who were the quieter students that wanted to be in the background.  This will serve as useful information when arranging seating and groups.  

  Trust and Respect: Skits
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First Week of School, Day 5

Unit 1: First Week of School
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT understand what the bucket of kindness is and how they can use it to earn rewards as a class.

Big Idea: Students will be recognized for kindness.

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