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KWL charts help students to be active thinkers while they read, giving them specific things to look for and having them reflect on what they learned when they are finished reading. KWL's use the metacognitive strategy of self-questioning to ensure that students comprehend the content presented in the lesson. When students set their own purposes for reading, they are more motivated and active as readers. Each student has a schema, or a framework for how they view the world. Accessing a student's prior knowledge is the first step in integrating new concepts into their existing schema. KWL charts help activate background knowledge and provide an opportunity for students to set their own learning objectives and assess overall understanding.

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Sound Waves and Ocean Waves

Unit 6: Oceanography
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT describe how energy is transferred by waves.

Big Idea: For social animals such as whales, the use of sound is extremely important for communicating with others and sensing their environment in the absence of light. But how does sound travel under water?

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