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The first year I did this lesson, I thought I would be able to use push pins to pin the shoeboxes to a bulletin board, making one giant mural. I was sorely mistaken. The pins were not ling enough to securely stick the boxes to the board. I ended up with boxes falling off the board and push pins lying everywhere. Obviously this was not a great idea! The second year, I decided to try double stick tape and Command Strips to attach them directly to the wall. While this worked better it only lasted a few days before everything fell off, and the strips were expensive! Last year, I decided to stack the boxes and connect them with binder clips.This has been the best option I have found so far. They stay together as one large mural, and can easily be taken apart when I want to send them home.  Just be careful that you fasten the top and/or bottom row of boxes to the wall, as they tend to get a little top heave and fall forward. Happy hanging!

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Home, Sweet Home

Unit 6: Oceanography
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAt explain the purpose of aquariums and zoos and construct a scale model of one of the ocean zones.

Big Idea: It takes a lot more than just water to make the ocean a home. Learn how scientists replicate the ocean environment for animals in captivity.

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ocean, Science, oceanography
  170 minutes
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