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While watching this with a few of my classes, there were at least three students who were so relaxed, they actually fell asleep! Please be sure you don't let this play too long. I only let it play about 2-3 minutes and it was an instant sleep inducer. Walk around the room and monitor students as they watch, so you can be sure everyone is awake. When moving on to the grouping portion of the lesson (which is next), I would recommend grouping kids at different table so they actually have to get up and move to another location. This will get them out of their seats afterwards to stretch and get their blood pumping again!

  Sand Art
  Adjustments to Practice: Sand Art
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Sands of the World

Unit 6: Oceanography
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT observe sand samples and then find the possible origins of the sand on a world map by plotting the latitude and longitude.

Big Idea: Since sand comes from a "mother", or source rock, it is possible to determine what type of rock produced the "baby rocks." By studying sand very carefully, we can determine the "mother" and learn more about its origin!

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Science, oceanography
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