Reflection: Trust and Respect First Week of School, Day 1 - Section 4: Homework


It's important to establish a environment of trust and communication from the beginning.  I discuss the contract with my students and emphasize my expectations.

The first thing I highlight is my grading policy.  I explain to students that missing just one or two hw assignments will negatively affect their grades.  Since I know that some of my students may be shy, I explain that classroom participation is not only raising their hand when they have an answer, but also discussing their work with their peers, asking questions, ...

 Next, I discuss my signed test procedures.  I've found that my students do not always share their grades with parents and when I meet with parents they are often surprised.  I've tried to prevent this by handing back quizzes and tests to be signed by a parent and brought back to me.  I establish this expectation from the beginning so students and parents know communication is important throughout the year.

 Finally, I highlight and explain the materials needed for class.  Students should have their own personal school supplies, but I also ask them to bring in supplies for the classroom.  I explain that these materials will used throughout the year for class projects and group work.

Students should understand that this is a contract and by signing it they agree to the terms and they will try their best to adhere to it. 

  Discussing the Contract
  Trust and Respect: Discussing the Contract
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First Week of School, Day 1

Unit 1: First Week of School
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT become familiar with one another and me.

Big Idea: Students will learn about each other from a toilet paper activity.

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