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For the purpose of this lesson, not all of the content in this lesson is relevant. I skip question 5 on page 9, as well as the readings and activities on pages 17-22. These provide a connection to Earth and Space Science, which are not necessary to the learning at this time. If you are looking to make a connection to a prior lesson or providing background knowledge for a unit on Space, this may be a great resource. However, I choose not to do it, as I want to keep all of our discussion related to the learning objectives.

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  Adjustments to Practice: Relevance to objective
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Unit 6: Oceanography
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Objective: SWBAT describe the relationship between the moon, the Earth, and gravity, as it relates to the formation of tides, and describe what causes ocean tides, tidal cycles, and how they change the water level along coastal areas.

Big Idea: Students never think about the moon causing the motion in the ocean. Learn how this celestial body contributes to the ocean's dynamic water levels.

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