Reflection: Trust and Respect Bloodstain Analysis - Section 5: Evaluate


While the images in this portion of the lesson are not from an actual crime scene, they are graphic in nature, as they show several accurately portrayed bloodstains and splatters. If you or your students are not comfortable with this activity, you can skip it.

Another option would be to use "splatter images" from Google or another search engine that are different in color, such as green or blue. Students will still understand the essence of the activity, but will not necessarily associate the images with blood, which may be easier to handle.

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  Trust and Respect: For the faint of heart
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Bloodstain Analysis

Unit 5: Forensics
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Objective: SWBAT understand how bloodstain analysis is conducted in the field of forensics. SWBAT describe the factors that can affect the formation blood stains and splatters at a crime scene.

Big Idea: The presence of blood can tell us a great deal about when, where, and how a crime occurred. Students will analyze a series of blood stains to investigate the details of a crime.

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